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Australia Day & Chinese New Year celebrations

Good evening to you all on this very wet night ☔️💦☔️ It's been another busy week at preschool celebrating two different festivals. Lambs firstly learnt about Australia Day 🐨

Kirstin Stevens came in to talk to the children about this special day. They talked about how the day is celebrated, what animals live there and very kindly made us all some Anzac biscuits to try.... they were very yummy 😋😋😋 The children were all fully involved taking it in turns talking about the animals. They went on to make their own Koala masks having to cut them out and then glue handles on. As the children made their masks they chatted about Kirsten's visit with much excitement 😊Their cooking activity was Lammingtons another Australian treat. Next was Chinese New Year where they made lanterns 🏮coloured dragon pictures and watched an educational video that explained why they have animals to represent each year 🐒🐴🐓🐉 the children really seemed to enjoy the food tasting activity leading to lots of conversations about their home life and things they do and don't like to eat. Piglets celebrated Chinese New Year by making dragon puppets and working together to create a large dragon head. They listened to Chinese music and took part in their own Chinese parade. They had a Chinese snack of noodles, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. Their sensory activity was exploring water beads which don't feel like they look !! And their cooking activity was krispie cakes. Both rooms went over Greentrees hall. Lambs counted steps, did jumping making small & large jumps and learnt about spacial awareness. Piglets balanced on the beams, jumped off of a small platform and moved around in a variety of ways hopping, running, crawling and slithering. Both rooms are still making their families board so if you haven't brought in a family photo to display there is still time

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