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Oi Frog - Lambs

Last week, Lambs book of the week was ‘Oi Frog’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field which is a rhyming book.

The children joined in at story time working out which word rhymed with frog, goat, cat, hare, mule, parrot, lion, fox, gorillas and gopher, just name a few!

They talked about the life cycle of a frog , how they start off as frogspawn, then tadpole, froglet, then frog - there was lots of discussion between the children about this activity.

The children explored a pond which had lillypads and frogs. The children knew frogs live in ponds as we have frogs in our garden which live in Greentrees pond and we have seen frogspawn on the pond before.

They made their own frogs faces using biscuits and icing, and also coloured in pictures.

It was a fun book to read and really got the children thinking about rhyming words.

Well done Lambs a fun and interesting week!!


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