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Happy Chinese New Year!

Good evening to you all on this very chilly night. I hope you all had a good weekend Last Monday Lambs went to Greentrees hall where they worked on their balancing skills. They worked together as a team supporting each other and helping one another out if help was needed when using the equipment holding each other's hands. Team work has been the main focus this week with lots of turn taking games..... Peppa pig snakes & ladders 🐍alphabet game and caterpillar number sorting 🐛 They have been exploring how colour can be changed by mixing it together. This has been done by adding food colourings to noodles and painting with cars. Pushing the cars through the paint to change the effects. There was lots of conversation between the children as the colours started to change. Their cooking activity this week was cheesy biscuits On Monday the older Piglets went into Lambs room whilst they were over Greentrees and played games, taking turns and working together. Tuesday they went over to Greentrees hall where they used the equipment to balance and jump. They have started their Chinese New Year activities.... exploring cooked noodles, mark making with chop sticks, making Chinese lanterns and handprint dragons Both rooms are also talking about their families and are making photo display boards. If your child could please bring in some family photos we would be very grateful Finally we used some of our fundraising money to buy new cushions and blankets for both rooms book corners 📕📙📘.....they are very cosy !! So a huge THANK YOU to you all ☺️☺️

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