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It was a very colourful week in Lambs, as their book of the week was Elmer by David McKee.

The children designed their own Elmer patterns using colouring sheets. They made their own beautiful elephants using various coloured tissue paper which they cut up into different sized pieces and stuck onto the top part of plastic milk bottles. They were very intrigued how a plastic bottle could turn into an elephant

Their cooking activity was amazing brightly coloured cupcakes which caused lots of excited conversations as the children mixed different food colouring into individual bowls of cake mix. They then put each colour into individual piping bags and in turn squeezed one of each bag into a cake case. The finished product was fab….and tasted delicious!

Small cardboard cut out elephants were made and the children used bright coloured wool to wrap around each one to make Elmer using another different resource.

It was a really fun filled week, enjoyed by all with some brilliant activities.

Good job Lambs!!


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