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Colour me happy

Good evening to you all. Welcome back after half term. I hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend. This week Lambs have been exploring colour. They have been using paint to make their own marks and designs along with mixing paints to make different colours 🎨With play dough they have been using simple tools to change the shape of the dough, manipulating it to get the desired shape they wanted. They are still doing lots of turn taking games and working on their understanding that when playing games we don't always win. The games have included caterpillar numbers and number puzzles. The children are showing curiosity about numbers by offering comments or asking questions as well as sometimes matching numerals and quantity correctly. 🔢 Their cooking activity this week was fruity buns. Outside all the children have been using the bikes, ribbon threading on the fence, mark making with chalks and being very inventive in the mud kitchen. Piglets have been working on their scissor control making snips in paper and card. They have been enjoying their new small world animals 🐶🐼

🐷🐵🐠🐘 and also the shape sorters. They are showing an interest in shapes and space making arrangements with objects. ICT equipment is very popular and the children are showing good skills in operating equipment. Next week we are looking at Pancake Day and also St Davids Day 🌾 Thursday 2nd is World Book Day. Could the children please bring in their favourite book to celebrate 📘📕📙

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