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Under the Sea

Good evening to you all. I hope you've had a fab bank holiday. Over Greentrees hall Lambs made a obstacle course to practice their balancing skills. They used the balls and hoops to throw, catch and roll. Preschool's topic for this term is Under the Sea 🐟🐠🐳 Lambs have incorporated fine motor skills activities into their topic. They have made jelly fish by ripping tissue paper and sticking it on to bowls.... they are amazing!!! Octopuses out of cheerios 🐙 and have cut out and coloured fish for their display board 🐠🐟. The children have been talking about their transition to 'big' school and have made a display board with photographs of the different schools they will be attending and have also drawn pictures of what they think their schools will look like... they are very excited!!! Piglets enjoyed using the balance beams over Greentrees hall along with rolling and throwing the hoops. For their Under the Sea topic they painted the Sea and made sand pictures for their display board. Outside the children worked hard to dig a flower bed to plant sunflowers 🌻🌻they found lots of stones and worms!!! The children are now learning how to care for their plants. We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Richard Goodsman who made a set of scales for our garden.... the children love them!!!!

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