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Minibeast adventures

Good evening I hope you've all enjoyed the sunny weekend Over Greentrees hall Lambs did lots of gross motor movements using the hoops & balls doing lots of throwing and catching ⚽️🏀⚽️ They have been doing lots of activities for their Under the Sea topic. They have been looking at books, talking about what lives in the sea, spaghetti play with sea creatures, exploring sea shells and looking at their display board which has the children's photos from home on. Letters & Sounds was letters on stones where the children have been sounding out each letter they recognised and thinking of a word or object beginning with that letter. They all worked really hard!! Piglets enjoyed getting messy with shaving foam, cooked spaghetti and paper mache exploring the different textures. There has been lots of imaginary play with the dolls, dressing & undressing them, feeding & bathing them. Their cooking activity was biscuits, weighing the ingredients, rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes of sea creatures. I was very lucky to sample one, it was really yummy!! 😋😋 With the play dough the children used tools which help to develop their finger muscles such as garlic presses. Outside all the children have continued to care for their sunflowers 🌻🌻 Thursday afternoon all of preschool went on a nature walk in Greentrees kops looking for plants, leaves and mini beasts. A good time was had by all and we are planning another walk around the green.

Next Thursday 11th we lose one of our staff members. Sarah in Lambs is leaving us for pastures new. I would like to say ' thank you & good luck in all that you do in the future' from everyone at preschool 🍀

As the warmer weather is coming can I ask that you please apply suncream to your child before they come in to preschool each day. Also can you make sure they have a bottle with their name on in their bag if needed thank you

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