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Autumn fun

Good morning to you all. It has been a busy couple of weeks at preschool. Lambs have been doing lots of cutting activities which have included cutting out autumn objects, healthy food plates, our favourite things and cutting play dough. Their Letters & Sounds activity has been a listening cd where the children have had to use their listening skills to recognise the different sounds they hear. It has been carried on over the last couple of weeks as the children have loved it so much!! Piglets have been enjoying rolling conkers in paint to make patterns. They've turned their role play area in to a den where the children have been exploring it using torches. They extended their play by going to Greentrees copse to make dens and explore with their touches 🔦🔦🔦 All the children have been exploring the outside environment both in our garden and around the estate. They have been on listening walks, to the park, around the green collecting leaves and Greentrees playing field 🍁🍂🍃 In the garden they have been building an obstacle course, mark making on the playground, making autumn food in the mud kitchen, bubble blowing, exploring gloop with string, glitter, marbles & conkers. The tough tray was turned into a baby bath and the babies were treated to a lovely bubble bath!! Both rooms have been using Greentrees hall to do lots of different physical activities.... jumping, running, balancing and ball games. 3 days left until we finish for half term then when we come back, let the Christmas activities commence!!!! 🎅🏻🤶🎄

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