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Pre-school Update

Good afternoon, I would just like to inform you of some changes being made at Pre-school. As of tomorrow, Monday 11th January, I will be joining both Piglets and Lambs together into one class for the rest of this half term. The reason for this is, I want to keep my children, my staff and their families safe, and with our numbers being thankfully lower at the moment, I am able to make these changes. I have worked it so that there will be 2 staff members from each room on a 2 week rota working together. This will help to support the children through the temporary change. There will also be a slight change to Tapestry for this half term. There will be no Next Steps and minimal, if any observations on the children due to the change in staffing. I appreciate your support in these changes over the next 5 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns please either ring me or email, Thank you, Marie

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