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Spring Tuff Trays

Piglets Tuff Tray was a pretty Spring scene on the farm. The carrots had been put out for the Easter Bunny and the chicks were all hiding amongst the grass. The children had fun exploring in amongst the grass and pretty spring flowers to find the little chicks. The Scarecrow stood in his field busy keeping the big birds away.

Lambs Tuff Tray was a lovely Spring scene with baby lambs grazing in the field, plants growing in the fresh soil and chicks in the straw. The children were very excited when they went outside and saw it. There was lots of chatter between the children about the plants growing in the soil and the baby lambs in the grass. After a lot of discussion, the children decided the green plants growing were broccoli.

It was lovely to hear the children talk about their environment and the different things they have observed around them.


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